Duravisc PF

Viscosight PF

Our Core Values

Customer’s Satisfaction:

By offering the innovative eye care products solutions in terms of total quality and affordability with world class packaging ensuring products safety.

Doctor’s Satisfaction:

By ensuring the trust of doctor by providing them the innovative solutions and total quality products in eye care, medical and surgical management through our products.

Employee’s Satisfaction:

Insight believes to offer equal employment opportunity to all the field employees by giving them total transparent platform where they can innovate, implement and achieve their goals by delivering their individual expertise in terms of work

Eye Drops


  • Bromsight

  • Inflow Tears


  • Mosight B

  • Clin

  • Inflow gel

  • Mosight

  • Flosight

  • Advance Tears

  • Mosight LP



  • nepasight

  • Nutrieye

  • Proeye